Who's behind the wheel? Former consultants who needed better invoicing for international projects.

The Company

67 rue Saint Jacques
75005 Paris, France
+33 7 70 70 33 33

The International Team

eSlip was founded in 2011 by a team of former Harvard MBAs and management consultants who spent most of their time in planes from one project to the next. Over the course of our international consulting career, we had kept looking for better ways to manage expenses, track time, and bill clients across multiple countries, currencies, and tax systems.

Technology has improved business processes in many ways, but when it comes to tracking your expenses on a business trip, the best we've got is still this enveloppe and end-of-month Excel spreadsheet. Why couldn't we get a sleek web application for this?

So we built eSlip, the first truly international online invoicing application. From freelancers to large professional services firms, our customers are now able to collect expense receipts from their consultants in Paris, or timesheets from their Delhi-based programmers, while sending out invoices by postal mail to their Italian and Canadian clients. All in the same day, all in one click.

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